Why you should choose photo ink

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After investing in a great inkjet printer and snapping hundreds of photos with your digital camera, you're probably ready to start printing them at home. You can save a lot of time and money by doing it yourself. If you want professional results, though, you need to invest in the right supplies. Nothing is more frustrating than printing a batch of photos at home and discovering that they look nothing like they do on the screen. One easy way to dramatically enhance the quality of your photo prints is by using special photo ink. Learn more about it below.

Print Brighter, Sharper Photos

When you print photos using standard printer ink, you're sure to be disappointed. In many cases, they just don't have the crispness and brightness that you get with photos that are printed by professional companies. For this reason, many people assume that there's no point in printing photos at home at all. By switching to special photo ink, you can achieve the level of quality that you've come to expect. There's no need to put up with slightly blurry, dull-looking photos. Photo ink costs a little more, but the extra expense is well worth it.

Get Higher Quality Results

Without using special photo ink, the printed copy of your photo probably won't look quite the way it does on your computer screen. It's aggravating to see a gorgeous image on your screen, print it out and discover that it just doesn't look the same. The main reason this happens is because standard printer ink simply can't do high-quality digital photos real justice. It's perfectly possible to print photos that actually look the way they do on the screen. The trick is to use top-notch photo ink. After trying it once, you will never go back to using regular ink.

Avoid Bleeding and Blurring

Have you ever printed a photo at home and ended up with a slightly blurry image whose colors bleed together? After all of that effort, results like these can be especially annoying. Some people assume that this happens because of low-quality paper. However, even the best photo paper in the world can't make up for low-quality ink. Photo ink is designed to adhere instantly to paper. It doesn't have a chance to blur, smear or bleed. As a result, it produces crisp, stunning photos each and every time. There just isn't a substitute for this type of ink.

Fading isn't an Issue

Another major problem with printing photos at home is that they tend to fade over time. At first, a photo print will look great. Even if it's not in direct sunlight, though, it will begin to fade. That's because standard printer ink isn't designed to stand the test of time. Photo ink is formulated to specifically address this issue. It produces photo prints that will continue to look as sharp and vibrant in a few years as they do on the day that they were printed.

Invest in Quality

Even after you pay extra for special photo paper and photo ink, you will still save a bundle by printing your photos at home. In addition to being cost-effective, it's a great way to get precisely what you want. With photo ink, you'll be able to whip up gorgeous, high-quality prints at a moment's notice. Whether you need a quick gift for someone special or have snapped an amazing photo and want to hang it on the wall immediately, photo ink will let you do so with ease. Before you know it, your home will be filled with gorgeous photos that you have printed yourself.   

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