Common Canon Error Codes

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Have you recently encountered a malfunctioning Canon printer but found you could not interpret what was wrong? Printers are infamous for displaying cryptic error messages in their tiny displays. Instead of relaying a comprehensive error message, your Canon printer will most often give a simple error code for you to interpret. Here are some of the most frequent error messages that may pop up on your Canon printer and suggestions on how to fix them.

Error 11

This is the simplest of errors and one that you will encounter most often when using your printer. Error 11 means that the printer is out of paper. Making this error go away is easy. Simply insert some paper of your choice into the paper. If you find that you still get this error after refilling paper, make sure that your paper is aligned the right way and that the paper is inserted into the machine neatly and correctly.

Error 12

This error happens relatively often as well. This error means one of two things: Either the printer is open, or there is no cartridge in the printer. Check to make sure your printer is fitted with a necessary cartridge and that it is properly closed. Keep in mind that the cartridge, the paper tray, and all parts of the printer are secured in order for the error message to go away.

Error 13

You will need to clean out your printer's rollers because there is a paper jam. Some paper jams are simple to fix. If a large sheet of paper has been crumpled in the printer's rollers, tugging on it and pulling it out will suffice. If the paper jam is more complex, and your printer's internal components are involved, then consult your printer's manual or customer support.

Error 16

This error is notifying you of low levels of toner in your printer's cartridge. You will usually be able to continue using your printer for a while with it being low on toner, but you should find a way to change the printer's toner cartridge as soon as possible.

Error 21

Error 21 indicates a print overrun, which means that your print job is too complex for your printer to handle. There is no singular way to ensure that you fix this error. It could be that the document you are trying to print has incompatible fonts or margins. Alternatively, try printing a few pages at a time or converting your document to a more printer-friendly file type. There could be a myriad of reasons you are getting this error, so consult your printer's manual or the manufacturer if you cannot resolve it after repeated attempts.

Error 55

This error is one of the most complicated errors for Canon printers. When your printer is showing an error 55, it is not communicating correctly with your computer for some reason. As a result, the print job is not being processed. Make sure your computer and printer cords are connected and plugged properly. Like Error 21, there is no one-size-fix-all solution to Error 55.

Error UO43

If you get this error, then your printer is telling you that it cannot read the toner or ink cartridge. Take the cartridge out and insert it back into the printer again. If that does not work, try turning your printer off and on again or resetting it. Check to make sure all connections from the cartridge to the printer are clean and aligned. If you have tried these steps to no avail, replacing your cartridge will most likely get your printer working again.   

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