What are print queues?

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A print queue is an account of all documents that have been submitted to your machine for printing. Essentially, a print queue can be thought of as your printer's "to-do list"; the queue displays everything that your machine is currently printing and what it will print next. On the queue, documents are listed in order of their submission to your machine. The document that is presently printing is shown at the top line of the queue, while upcoming documents are listed below.

You can access the print queue by opening your printer's computer software. Precise set-up varies amongst different machines; however, most printers display a small icon in your computer's task bar whenever a document is in the queue. Double-clicking this icon allows you to directly access the print queue.

From the print queue, you can perform a variety of tasks; for example, the queue is often used to cancel print jobs. To delete an individual task, right-click the document that you wish to cancel. This will summon a pop-up menu. On the menu, select "Cancel Printing," and your machine will halt its progress on the document. Your entire print queue can also be cleared by selecting "Cancel All Documents" from the queue's main menu. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to purge the queue before the tasks are deleted. In addition, you can pause your machine's progress on an individual document or on all documents in the queue using these methods. Instead of selecting "Cancel," simply click "Pause" on the appropriate menu.

The print queue can also be used to adjust the order in which your documents will be produced. To do this, you must designate a priority level for each print job in your queue. Right-click the document in question and select "Properties" from the set-up menu. This will summon a separate menu containing multiple tabs. From the "General" tab, you can adjust the priority level of the document to determine when it will be printed.

All computer owners should become familiar with their machine's print queue. This tool is very handy when managing printed documents, whether on a personal or professional scale. Understanding your print queue is essential to getting the most out of your machine.   

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