How to install the Canon ScanGear toolbox

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Canon digital copiers are not made as standalone copiers, but with a piece of software that you can download from the Internet, your Canon copier can be turned into a scanner without the need to install any hardware.

Canon's Network ScanGear enables scanning directly from Canon copiers. This software makes scanning from your copier a cinch, and installation takes a matter of just minutes.

To start with the ScanGear installation process, visit the Canon website at and click the link to download Network ScanGear v2.21. This is a 32-bit installer for Windows PCs. Windows operating systems 98, 2000, 2003, Me, Vista, and XP are all supported. Also, keep in mind that ScanGear will only work for Canon iR series copiers that are connected to your office or home network on the same subnet.

After you have downloaded the .EXE file from the Canon website, run the installer. The .EXE program will unpack setup files into your TEMP folder. Find your TEMP folder and double-click the setup file to begin the installation program. You can usually find your TEMP folder in C:\Documents and Settings\Name of User\Local Settings\Temp or C:\Users\Name of User\App Data\Local\Temp.

Follow the prompts, make your selections, and fill out all necessary fields to complete the installation. If you are using Windows 2000, XP, or Server 2003, you will need to log in as the Administrator before your system will allow you to install ScanGear. If you are installing a new version of ScanGear, there is no need to uninstall or delete previous versions on your computer.

The software you download has two tools. The ScanGear tool allows the PC user to pinpoint and select the exact network copier to be used for scanning. The Network ScanGear driver allows various applications on your computer to use the copier's scanning functionality.

Launch the Canon ScanGear tool. You will be prompted to enter the IP address of the copier you are trying to convert into a scanner. Click "Test Connection" to see if your computer can communicate with the Canon copier properly.

If the connection is successful, congratulations! You have successfully installed ScanGear. Try out your copier's new scanning capabilities. Change your copier to SCAN mode. Press the SCAN button and then select "Online" so that the copier can start searching for your computer on the network. After the copier/scanner has detected ScanGear on your computer, you may place the document into the copier and select Scan on your computer. Voila! Your Canon copier is now a certified scanner.

Canon ScanGear and your copier support several types of scans. Black-and-white, color, and double-sided scans are all possible. If you choose to scan a document within Microsoft Office 2003 through 2010, it will be a wise choice to use the Microsoft Office Document Scanning Tool. You may choose between these presets when the "Scan New Document" window from the Microsoft Office Document Scanning Tool pops up. You can also select whether you want to view the file after scanning or if you want the computer to prompt you before you scan additional pages. It is imperative that you have selected the right settings before beginning the scanning process.

For more help installing Canon ScanGear, take a look at the installation instructions and the manual in the link on the Canon website above.

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