What do the different lights on the HP LaserJet P2010 mean

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HP LaserJet P2010 PrinterThe control panel of the HP LaserJet P2010 features six lights from top to bottom with a button beneath them all. The six lights and the button, from top to bottom, are:

  • Light 1: The Jam light. Looks likes two circles with a Z.
  • Light 2: The toner light. Looks like six black balls inside a box.
  • Light 3: The Paper Out light. Looks like a page of paper.
  • Light 4: The Attention light. A triangle with an exclamation point inside it.
  • Light 5: The Ready light. Looks like a circle with a small gap in it.
  • Light 6: The Go button. A large circle with a diamond inside it.
  • Button: The Cancel button.

Here are the various light statuses that involve different combinations of lights illuminating or flashing:

Go, Ready, and Attention lights (lights 4-6) all flash one after another
Message and Solution: The printer is starting up and initializing. This sequence will also occur when the user requests a reconfiguration of the printer through one of its special initialization procedures. Additionally, these lights will cycle if the printer is processing a job cancel request. Upon job cancel, the printer lights will return to a Ready configuration.

Ready light (light 5) on
Message and Solution: Printer is ready for use with no job activity.

Ready light (light 5) flashing
Message and Solution: Printer is currently handling the receipt of data or a job request. While the Ready light is flashing, pressing the Cancel button will cancel the job request.

Go button (light 6) illuminated and Attention light (light 4) flashing
Message and Solution: The printer is experiencing a manual feed error. This type of error could have to do with a memory configuration problem.  To print anyway, press the Go button. The printer will either successfully print the job request or go back to the error state.

Attention light (light 4) flashing
Message and Solution: This means that the print-cartridge door is open. To stop the Attention light from flashing, close the door.

Attention, Ready, and Go lights (lights 4-6) illuminated
Message and Solution: Fatal error. Turn your printer off and on with a 10-second delay. If you cannot resolve this issue, contact HP support.

Attention, Ready, and Go lights (lights 4-6) flashing together
Message and Solution: Accessory error. Press the Go button to access additional information about the error.

Toner light (lights 2) illuminated
Message and Solution: Toner Low. It does not matter if the Go, Ready, or Attention lights are on or off. To resolve this error, order and install a new HP toner cartridge.

Toner light (light 2) flashing
Message and Solution: Toner Missing. Insert the toner back into the printer. If the toner is already inside the printer, take it out and put it back in again. If the error is still showing, contact HP support.

Jam light (light 1) flashing
Message and Solution: Paper Jam. Check to make sure the loading tray is not full or loaded incorrectly. Remove any paper or paper particles that may be jammed around the printer's cartridge area, output bin, input tray, or the straight-through output path.

Paper Out light (light 3) flashing
Message and Solution: Paper Out. There is no paper in the input tray. Add more paper or other stationery for printing.

Paper Out light (light 3) flashing and Go light (light 6) illuminated
Message and Solution: Paper Mount. The type of paper or stationery in the input tray is not supported and the printer cannot print on it. You can override this warning by pressing the Go button or check to make sure you have loaded an accepted type of paper or media.

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