3 reasons you should keep your printer manual

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Samsung CLP-310 Toner Printer ManualUsually, when you purchase something new, it comes with directions for use. When it comes to electronics, however, you get a whole manual. The manufacturer took the time to put together a booklet of instructions and other important information for the consumer so they would know how to use the product and where to go if they need something for the product. This is especially true for printers.
After the initial set-up, consumers tend to think the printer manual can be thrown out since it has served their purpose of assisting them in connecting the printer to the computer. However, it is important to keep your printer manual and have it easily accessible, and below are three good reasons why.

Replacement Parts
Most manuals have a list of parts and part numbers, like the Samsung CLP-310 toner printer manual. This is especially handy for those parts that need replacing routinely, such as ink or toner. The manual will tell the owner exactly which model of ink or toner cartridge to purchase and how to replace the cartridge. For color printers, this is especially important as there are many different types of color cartridges. Some printers are designed for the consumer to replace the imaging drum, which is quite specific to the printer and will require the exact part number from the manual.

Printers these days are more computer programming-intensive than the old Daisy Wheel and Dot Matrix printers of old. They have many features that can be programmed on the computer as the default format for printing. However, sometimes these defaults are accidentally changed, to the frustration of the owner. Having the printer manual at-hand can help the owner troubleshoot why the printer is not printing the way the owner wants it to print. A standard printer manual will have a section devoted to troubleshooting such problems. It will also have a list of error codes and their meaning, which can tell the owner exactly what is happening with the printer and what steps the owner should take to correct it.

Manufacturer’s Warranty Information
While nobody wants to think of their new printer breaking down or having problems, it does happen upon occasion. Sometimes a part is faulty or a screw dislodges and damages other parts. This is not the fault of the consumer, so manufacturers typically supply a limited time warranty on parts for the machine. The information on how to place a warranty claim and where to send the claim are included in the owner’s manual. Owners should be aware that many companies require the product to be registered immediately after purchase in order to activate the warranty. Registering the product can also be helpful to the owner because the registration list can be used to notify the customer if there is a recall on the printer.

Of course, there are other reasons why you should keep your printer manual for the entire time you own your printer, but these are the most obvious. Keeping the manual will help you in more ways than they realize.

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