What is SoyPrint?

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SoyPrintThe SoyPrint brand was developed by Print Recovery Concepts, Inc. as a green alternative to oil-based printer cartridges. Traditional cartridges use oil to produce the toner, like the HP CM1415 toner, but SoyPrint uses environmentally friendly soy beans as the base for the toner. To make the one pound of powder required for a single cartridge, it takes two liters of oil. Soy-based cartridges eliminate this dependence on oil as a material for the toner. While soy-based ink has been around for awhile, Print Recovery Concepts, Inc. has utilized this eco-friendly material to produce cartridges compatible with laser printers.

Users of the SoyPrint technology do not lose any quality or efficiency when making the switch from oil-based cartridges. Research has proven that the soy-based cartridges print the same quality and same number of pages as their oil-based counterparts. The main difference lies in the ability to renew the materials used. SoyPrint brand cartridges also use recycled plastic and are compatible with several different laser printer models.

In an effort to make printing even greener, Print Recovery Concepts, Inc. also provides buyers with return UPS labels for the empty cartridges, like toner cartridges by HP. Users can send their used cartridges back to the company in order to be recycled into other plastic products. SoyPrint encourages businesses, schools and other industries to make the switch to soy-based ink. By shopping online, buyers can input their printer models to find compatible cartridges for green printing solutions.

In conjunction with using SoyPrint cartridges, businesses can also join programs that reduce their environmental impact. These companies and schools have a choice to switch from oil-based toner to the new SoyPrint cartridges, but they can also rely on recycled paper for all of their printing needs. When replacing old printers, businesses no longer have to throw them out. SoyPrint will offer a list of school districts that accept donated printers in order to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. This effort not only helps the environment, but it assists schools by providing them with printers for office and student use.

SoyPrint is also keeping track of its efforts to improve the environment. When customers sign up with one of the sustainability programs, SoyPrint tracks the pounds of soy-based toner used, pounds of plastic recycled and reams of recycled paper used. These reports are then sent directly to the customers for their own records. SoyPrint is making it easy for industries to reduce their environmental impact simply by switching to compatible, recycled, soy-based printer cartridges.

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