Indicator Lights on a Xerox Phaser 700 series printer

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Xerox Phaser 750nFinding reputable information about Xerox Phaser 700 series printers can be a challenge, and dealing with all those indicator lights can be difficult without appropriate information on what they mean. In some cases, however, it isn’t necessary to understand the lights at all to fix a printing problem.

Before trying to deal with the indicator lights on a printer that has been functioning well until recently, check to make sure the printer has a properly installed cartridge and paper. Adding paper or replacing the cartridge may be all that is needed to solve the problem. Turning the printer off and back on after doing one of these things is necessary in some cases.

Obviously, if the power indicator light is off, the first step is to try to turn the printer on. The light may go off and stay off, however, if the machine has been damaged or has detected some kind of error that cannot be fixed by the user. If the light is off and the printer does not seem to turn on, there is no choice but to seek service from a technician.

If the power indicator light is blinking, this means that the printer is processing a job, actually printing something or that someone has pressed the front panel’s menu option. This does not usually indicate a problem, and the light will stop blinking when all jobs in progress finish or the user exits menu operation.

If the error light is on, closer examination is required to see exactly what kind of error exists. The most common problem is that the printer is low on Xerox toner. Once the cartridge is replaced, the light should clear.

When the error light is blinking, the printer has ceased because of a correctable problem of some kind. This condition is often as simple as an open door or a paper jam. The front panel usually indicates the exact error in detail, but if it does not, pressing the “Info/More” choice will usually provide all the necessary information.

An error code may also be displayed, and the printer owner’s manual explains the meaning of error numbers in detail.
While indicators lights and the front panel do not always fully explain what kind of malfunction is stopping the printer from completing its jobs, making sure the printer is stocked with paper and toner and free of jams is the first step toward getting a Xerox Phaser 700 series printer back in service, no matter what the lights say.

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