How to choose a printer that is right for you

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How to chose a printer that is right for youDifferent printers are designed to fulfill different productivity needs. Finding the right match requires careful consideration of one’s needs. While price is always a factor, it is not the only thing to consider when choosing a printer. The following is a brief guide to help prospective buyers decide on which printing solution is optimally compatible with their printing needs.

Speed is a major difference that accounts for wide price variances among printing solutions. When considering which printer to purchase, one should evaluate what their most common printing situations demand. If you are printing solely text, then selecting a monochromatic laser printer, like the Dell 1110 toner printer, can be a perfect solution because most will operate at approximately 17 to 30 pages per minute at maximum capacity. Some larger office printers can print at greater speeds, but the overall monthly workload can then be the determining factor. If a monochromatic laser printer is listed as a small to medium business solution, then it will typically produce 25,000 to 50,000 pages per month. If you mostly print single-sided text documents, a range of basic laser monochromatic printers would be best to choose from.

When color prints and higher resolution are required, laser printers can become much more costly. An inkjet printer is significantly slower, but it typically can print at a greater resolution at a lower cost. Choosing from the assortment of desktop inkjet printers is a good choice for users needing to print a small amount of high quality color images at an affordable price. Typically, inkjets are best utilized in homes or as supplemental machines to a monochromatic laser printer when productivity calls for only a few high quality color images to be printed without a time constraint. Choosing a color laser toner printer will provide fast print speeds that can range from seven to 25 pages per minute to accommodate small to medium sized businesses with a frequent demand for color printing. If your needs are greater than that, then consider a larger machine with a 30 page per minute color printing capability. Larger machines will cost more, but it is an investment in productivity speed.

Page size capabilities and two-sided printing are further options that become necessary as one progresses up the scale of output. With the exception of some thermal printers and many personal photo printers, most will handle standard A4 paper. If you require larger print handling capability, then your options may include various scaled capabilities from legal-sized page capacity up to plotters and poster inkjet printers.

The list of varying capabilities goes on to include wireless networking; advanced digital document and paper handling; and multitasking to name a few. There is not a single printer that is guaranteed to meet the consumer needs of every document productivity situation. It is best to prioritize the capabilities you need based on a typical month's productivity cycle. Once you have an idea of what options are necessary to support your output, then you can find the matching printer that is right for you.

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