How to print on envelopes

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Printing on envelopesPrinted envelopes present a more professional appearance than handwritten ones. In addition, they are more legible. For those with poor handwriting, this means a letter will get to its intended destination. Typically, it is more cost-effective to print envelopes yourself than to buy bulk pre-printed mailing labels. Using a printer to print address information on envelopes is easy and you can use an inkjet or toner printer. Keep reading to learn how to do this.

Most word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, make it easy to print on envelopes. They have specific settings for doing this. In Microsoft Word the setting is found under the "tools" menu. In other word processing programs locating the envelope print setting is likely different, but most word processing programs are similar enough that person shouldn't have too much trouble. After selecting the appropriate setting, type out the return and delivery address. If a person wants to, they can adjust the font and letter sizes using the available options and even include a graphic.  If you are using a color toner or color inkjet printer, the image will be printed in color on your envelope.

The next step is to adjust the printer settings. In Microsoft Word select "page setup," then select the correct envelope size. Under the "orientation" option choose to print lengthwise. There might be an envelope setting. If there is, select this option instead. Before printing, select "print preview" to ensure that the envelope will print correctly. When it is time to print remove all paper from the paper tray, adjust the paper size on the tray for the envelope, and insert the envelope. If everything is correct the envelope will print and look professional.

Printing envelopes isn't difficult. A person just needs to know the proper settings. It is easy to do in Microsoft Word, and most other word processing programs are similar. For a business or person that buys pre-printed mailing labels knowing how to print on envelopes will save money. Printed envelopes present a more professional appearance and help those with sloppy handwriting to make sure their letter gets to where it needs to.

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