How to change the bulbs in the Canon Pixma MX700

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Canon PIXMA MX700 printerThe Canon Pixma MX700 is a handy all in one printer, copier, scanner, and fax. However, there are a few features on this product that set it apart from other all in one printers. Most notably its use of a bulb enabling the device to scan, copy, and print. This bulb faces the same issue faced by all bulbs; it needs replacement when it burns out. Without it, the Canon Pixma MX700 won't work. To ensure the continued trouble free use of their Pixma MX700, a person needs to know how to change this bulb. Luckily, changing the Pixma MX700 bulb isn't difficult and is almost as easy as changing the Canon ink cartridge. All that is needed to replace it is a pair of latex or rubber gloves and a new bulb. Bulbs are easily found online and are also available at many office supply stores.

To get started, make sure the printer is turned off, unplugged, and disconnected from the computer. The printer needs to cool down, so don't attempt to change the bulb while it is still hot. This can result in a burn. After the printer cools off, ensure that it is on a steady surface to make changing the bulb easier and to avoid dropping or breaking anything.

Now, it is time to start the actual work. There is a panel on top of the scanner. Open it. This allows access to the scanner glass surface. From this point on make sure to wear the latex or rubber gloves to protect the surfaces inside the machine and the surface of the bulb. On the left side of the scanner is an unlock button. Press it and lift the glass flatbed exposing the inside of the printer. The old bulb will be visible on the left side. Grasp it and remove it from the machine. Removing the bulb is similar to removing a regular light bulb. Insert the new bulb into the socket making sure it snaps in. Reassemble the machine, and now it should work.

After reassembly, if the printer isn't working, make sure all of the power and USB cables are properly connected. If this isn't the cause of the problem, double check to ensure the bulb snapped into the socket properly. If the printer still doesn't work after this, then there is a more serious problem with the machine. Contact the manufacturer or an authorized service center to figure out what to do next.

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