Canon BJC-85 and BJC-55 ink cartridge configurations

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Canon BJC-85 ink printerThe Cannon BJC-85 and BJC-55 printers are lightweight, portable printers that offer convenient printing options for the traveling business person. They are capable of printing in both monochrome and color. Both printers do well when printing color documents, charts, graphics, and photographs. The Cannon BJC-85 and BJC-55 use the same Canon ink cartridge, and there are three different ink cartridge configurations for the printers. The type of print project is the determining factor in which configuration a person uses. While having to change ink cartridges depending upon the task may seem bothersome at first, it is actually quite easy and is the tradeoff for such small printers.

The three ink cartridge configurations available for the Cannon BJC-85 and BJC-55 printers are the BCI-10 cartridge for printing black and white, the BCI-11 cartridges for color printing, and the BCI-12 cartridges for printing photos. The BCI-10 configuration requires only one ink cartridge and prints only in black and white. It is possible to use the other configurations for printing black and white, but is recommended against. The BCI-11 configuration for printing color requires two separate ink cartridges; the BCI-11 black and the BCI-11 color ink cartridges. This configuration is ideal for printing all color documents including charts, graphs, etc., but is not intended for printing photographs. The BCI-12 cartridges are for this purpose. Again, this configuration uses two separate ink cartridges; the BCI-12 black and the BCI-12 color cartridges.

Canon BJC-55 ink printerChanging the ink cartridges is easy and only takes a second. First, the user should remove the new cartridge from its packaging, including any protective packaging on the cartridge itself. Next, open the top cover and turn the printer on. Press the "cartridge" button and position the cartridge holder in the middle of the printer. Align the ink cartridge with the holder, there are guide marks, and then press down at a slight angle until the cartridge locks into place. After this, close the cover and press the "cartridge" button again. The printer is now ready to go.

To accommodate every printing need with BJC-85 and BJC-55 printers, a person needs all three ink cartridge configurations. This means having 5 ink cartridges on hand that need changing depending on the project. This may seem inconvenient at first, but is the tradeoff for the lightweight and compact size of both printers. Swapping out cartridges only takes a second and is a small price to pay for a quality portable printing option.

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