What is a printer driver?

28. November 2011 10:18 by Calvin Yu in Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Printer driverA lot of people may decide to change operating systems on their computer at some point of time, while others may have some type of issue with their computer's USB port(s). Most people really do not think to much about it, but these issues can actually make it to where the computer does not recognize the printer any more. When people see the prompt on their computer that it cannot recognize the device, they will know that it is an issue with the driver. Now, people know that they need to get a driver to allow the printer to work; however, most people probably think that a driver is some external hardware that needs to be plugged into the computer, which is a good guess, but not quite the right answer.

A driver is actually a type of software that allows the computer to recognize what is hooked up to it. The driver is extremely important, because the computer cannot give the appropriate commands if it does not know what is connected. The driver will essentially allow the computer to translate data into codes that the printer can actually understand, thus allowing it to print. People can find the proper printer driver by searching the brand and model of the printer. If they cannot find the exact model, they will likely be able to use the driver for the same brand of printer and achieve the same results.

A printer driver is something that every printer needs to function, but it will not require a visit to the office supply store to buy, in fact, it will not cost them anything at all. People will be able to change operating systems without every having to worry about the stress of their printer not working. The installation of a printer driver only takes a few minutes at most.

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