Why you should upgrade your printer memory

25. November 2011 10:08 by Calvin Yu in Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags:   //   Comments

When people are printing documents, especially large documents or graphics, they will notice that the printer seems to take forever. This is essentially because a stock printer does not have a lot of memory, so it can only process so many commands at once. Most people assume that there is nothing they can do about the issue, aside from buying a new printer, but they actually can upgrade the memory of their printer.  Now, most people are probably thinking that they have only heard of upgrading the memory on their computer, and this is probably the case since it is not a highly discussed procedure. Most laser printers can be upgraded, however ink cartridge printers typically cannot. There are several advantages to upgrading a printer's memory.

HP LaserJet 2300The first advantage is that the speed of prints will speed up substantially. When the computer tells the printer what to print, it will be able to process more commands in less time than a stock printer. In addition, a memory upgrade can actually allow users to print more complex graphics and texts. A typical laser toner printer simply cannot remember everything the computer tells it on complex projects, which can lead to a very low-quality print. In fact, the printer may simply give the user a message that the printer is not even going to print the document, which is extremely frustrating.

People can upgrade the memory in their printer by taking it to a computer store, or if they know a fair amount about electronics, they can attempt to complete the process on their own. People will also discover that memory upgrades really are not very expensive, especially considering all of the advantages they offer. Now that people know they can upgrade their memory, they will not have to wait several minutes for their prints, nor will they have to buy a new printer.

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