Instructions for installing the Lexmark P915 software

23. November 2011 08:05 by Calvin Yu in Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Lexmark P915 inkWhen people purchase a printer, especially a used or refurbished model like the Lexmark P915 ink cartridge printer, it may not always come with the proper software. Many people do not really think about this being a big issue, because their main focus and excitement is driven by the savings they received. The problem occurs the second they get ready to hook-up their printer, only to get the stressful message that the device cannot be recognized by the computer. At this point, people are ready to throw the printer across the room or call the seller to inform them that the printer does not work. Fortunately, people can save themselves the hassle and embarrassment of confronting the seller by downloading the software online.

When people go to the Lexmark P915 support site, they will be able to find the software they need. They will find that the software will not cost them anything, because Lexmark understands that people do not always buy the product when it is new. In addition, if someone has to reformat their computer, which most people do, Lexmark realizes that the person may have lost the disc. People will also be able to download the driver for every Lexmark printer from the Lexmark site. The driver is essentially what converts the computer's codes to codes that the printer can read. People will see a menu bar at the top of Lexmark's home page that includes a software option. Upon scrolling over the software option, they will see a drop-down menu that lists drivers and software. Once they click the driver or software link, they will see their choices to download from. They will want to select the 'save' option during the download process, and it is important to remember where the files saves.

By downloading the Lexmark P915 software, people will save a lot of time and stress. They will find that the process does not take any more time than it would to install the software with the regular disc. In fact, people may find that it is easier to install the software from Lexmark's site, because they will not have to worry about losing the disc. The next time people begin to stress out over the computer error message, they will know how to fix the problem.

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