When you should replace your toner cartridge

5. November 2011 10:02 by Calvin Yu in Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

High capacity black HP 1320 toner cartridgeEveryone who owns a printer realizes that it is very important to change the toner cartridges at the proper intervals. A toner cartridge may start producing less than premium quality once it starts to run out of toner. In addition, once the cartridge runs out, people will no longer be able to print. If a cartridge runs out because people failed to change it, they may not be able to meet important deadlines, whether it be for a school research project or a major sales proposal. If people follow a few recommendations and guidelines, they will never have to worry about low-quality prints, nor will they ever have to worry about missing key deadlines.

The first thing that people should analyze is how long the manufacturer claims their cartridges will last for. For example, the high capacity compatible HP 1320 toner has a page yield of 6,000.  This assumes a 5% coverage, but more often than not the  coverage is more like 10% meaning the cartridge will probably only last 3,000 pages. One thing people will need to keep their own eye's on is the quality of the prints. If the print quality begins to appear faded, it is a good sign that the cartridge is running low. In addition, if it begins to take a longer period of time for the prints to start and finish, the cartridge is also getting low. People can visualize writing with an ink pen that is starting to run out, they shake it a few times and it writes a few letters, then they have to shake it again. When cartridges begin to run out, another common thing that a lot of people note is that a particular color is missing. This stands out when people print off a colorful document or image, only to discover that something looks a lot different than it did on the computer screen.

Keeping an extra cartridge on hand is our recommendation on how to ensure you never get caught with a non-functional printer. Toner cartridges have a shelf life of 2 years if stored in the proper conditions. If you do not know how to store your toner cartridge, read our informative blog post. Under worst case scenarios, toner cartridges can usually be bought at your local office supply, however you will pay a premium for that convenience versus stocking up ahead of time with us.

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