What to do when your toner cartridge is not recognized

3. November 2011 07:00 by Calvin Yu in Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags:   //   Comments

Toner cartridges contain an embedded microchip that can cause problems with the printer detecting it properly. Oftentimes a “toner cartridge not recognized” error will appear when attempting to print. There are several reasons why a printer can fail to recognize a toner cartridge as described below.

Failure to Power-Down the Printer
Installing a cartridge without turning off the machine can cause a cartridge not recognized error. Affecting the main memory of the printer, this problem can be remedied by turning off the printer, removing the toner cartridge and unplugging the printer for at least five minutes. After five minutes has passed, reinstalling the toner cartridge will reset the printer’s memory and it should print successfully. This is the most common solution and has helped me resolve the error when replacing  my Dell toner on many occasions.  Many people fail to do this step because they do not think it will make a difference.

Improperly Connected Toner Cartridge
Certain brands such as the Lexmark or HP toner cartridge are created with the print heads directly on the cartridge. The cartridges make direct contact with electrical circuits connected to the print heads. One slight issue in the connection can cause the toner not recognized error. Removing the cartridge from the printer and placing it back in should fix the problem.

Smart Chip Problems
Toner cartridges contain a chip that communicates the remaining level of toner to the printer. Printers will often refuse to accept toner that has a particular kind of chip.

If the printer refuses to recognize the cartridge after following the methods highlighted above, try another cartridge.

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