How to change your printer settings

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There are many printer options that can change the entire look the paper you are printing. Learning how to change the printer’s settings is easy, but no one has to know that. It can be your little secret. The first step is to prepare the document for printing. Once the document has been typed and checked for errors, it is time to print it for use.

How to change your printer settings:
First click on the ‘print’ button in whatever program you are in, select your printer from the drop drown and click the Properties or Preferences button.  Click on the ’printer setting’ tab. This opens a menu with a variety of choices. The next step depends on what you want to change on the document.

Print Quality Settings
Documents can be set to print at differently levels to save on ink or toner usage. Included are ‘draft’, ‘normal’, ‘best’ and ‘maximum’. These settings determine the DPI setting. The higher the setting, the better quality of print received.  Click one of the buttons depending on which one you wish to use. A ‘draft’ copy will not use nearly as much ink or toner and the printing will be much lighter than the other settings. Use this if you just want a test run. ’Normal’ prints a quality copy that is geared for primarily text documents. The ‘best’ setting gives the best possible printing job. When using this setting, printing will take longer. If printing images, this setting gives the best outpu. The last setting is ‘maximum’. This setting puts the maximum amount of ink or laser toner on the paper and is generally not useful.

‘Orientation’ on a printer means which way the document is printed. If it is a letter, the paper should be printed in ‘portrait’ mode. If it is a graph or chart, ‘landscape’ works best. To change the orientation, click on ‘preferences’. Click on the scroll down button, and then choose the option you prefer. Click the ‘save’ button and the orientation is set.

Number of Copies
The number of copies you want printed can be changed from the first printer screen. It is on the lower right corner of the screen. You can use the scroll button to change the numbers up or down. The number can be typed in as well, which is sometimes much easier. This setting automatically returns to 1 after the requested number of copies have printed.

Page Range
If there are certain pages you want printed but want to leave out others, you can simply change the page range. If you want all the pages to print, you don’t have to do anything. If you want to change the range, mark ‘pages’. The page numbers must be typed in. For instance, if you want page 2-5 printed, type 2-5. To print on particular page, type in that page number. To print page one, type 1.

These few changes make it much easier to manage printing tasks. You will save ink¸ paper and time. All print jobs will come out more professional in appearance, which makes you appear more professional.

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