Printing from your Playstation 3

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Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)The Playstation 3, beyond its primary function as a game console, is an excellent all-in-one multimedia device. It's one of the top Blu-ray players on the market, and can read virtually any movie file, music file, or, particularly, high resolution image files. However, a feature that is not so widely utilized is the PS3's ability to print images directly from its hard drive. We'll explain, step by step, how to make this happen.

HP C4795 ink printerFirst, you want to make sure you're using a printer that is compatible with the PS3. The PS3 supports HP, Canon, and Epson printers. You can usually check on the manufacturer's website to learn which printers are compatible, as well as Sony's website. Make sure your PS3 firmware is updated, as well.  I have my PS3 successfully connected to the HP C4795 ink printer via a USB cable.

Second, connect the printer to the PS3. You can either use a USB connection, or you can use a printer that is on your network. In this case, just make sure the printer is on. It's important to note that with some or all HP printers, the PS3 will not recognize them if they are connected via USB. You will have to have them connected on the same network to use them in this case.

Next, you will need to configure the printer. This can be done in the XMB menu, by first going to Settings, then Printer Settings, then Printer Selection. The on-screen instructions should guide you from that point on. If this step is giving you trouble or you're not seeing your printer in the options, try selecting Other (Network Standard). This should provide you with a list of all printers that are available on the PS3's system network, where you should be able to find your model.

At this point, you should be ready to print your images! This can be done by going to the Images category in the XMB, then selecting the image you want, pressing [Triangle], and selecting Print. It will then show your current print settings, which you can alter by pressing [Triangle] again. The settings can be different depending on the printer you're using. Select Print one more time and press [X], and your image will print. You can also print an image that is currently being displayed by pressing [Triangle] and going through the same steps.

If you need to check the printer's status or stop a print job, this can be done by going to Settings, then to Printer Settings, then Printer Manager. Also, if you have images stored on a DLNA media server that is being used by your PS3, you will need to copy them to the PS3 hard drive before you can print them. This can typically be done by having the image selected and pressing [Triangle], then selecting the Copy option.

This guide should make printing with your PS3 a breeze. If you need further help, check on the Sony website or the printer manufacturer's site, as they can provide more detailed information.

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