How to print from Citrix

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CitrixSometimes, an office’s printing set-up can become extremely unwieldy and difficult to manage. People running such an office may wish there was an easier way to manage all that printing to the variety of ink and toner cartridge printers. Thankfully, there is a way to accomplish this. This solution involves installing Citrix printing management services. By using a Citrix program known as XenApp, you can manage Citrix’s different services as well all the printers installed on a computer network.

An important part of using Citrix to manage your printing is setting up policies that determine how this management occurs. To do this, the advanced configuration settings of XenApp need to be used. By altering these configurations, a person can change the policy settings for a network’s printers. In specific, something known as CUP, an acronym that stands for Citrix Universal Printer, must be set-up and enabled.

The first step to this process is accessing your desktop’s start menu. From the start menu pop-up, access the “All Programs” section. Scroll down until you see the folder named Citrix. Open it and then click to launch Citrix itself.  Once inside, click on the link to open the menu named “Administrative Tools.” While inside this menu, search for the option that is labeled “XenApp Advanced Configuration.”

Inside this menu, there should also be an option labeled as “Policies.” Right click on this. You should now be able to see an option that is named “HDX Plug-n-Play.” You should click on this. Once you have done so, click to choose the option that is named “Printing” as well.

Within this printing menu, choose the link labeled “Client Printers.” Choose to set the program to “Auto creation.” Also choose to “Enable.” This option should be located below a heading marked “Auto Creation.”

You will also need to select more options to set-up your printing policies. One option you should certainly select is the one that tells Citrix not to auto-create a client printer. This option can be found in a drop-down list that is labeled “When connecting.”

Next, click on the option labeled “Legacy client printers.” After you have done so, make sure to click the selection named “Enabled.” The next option that should be chosen is the one that allows you create something called a dynamic session with private client printers. When you see this option, click on it.

There should also be yet another option labeled “HDX Plug-n-Play.” Choose this option by clicking on it. Near by, there should be an option named “Printing.” Choose it as well. There should also be a “Sessions Printer” section that can be clicked on. Do so and then choose the “Enabled” setting.

Lastly, you need to make sure this plethora of different settings and configurations is saved. You can do this pressing on the button labeled “Apply,” which should be located near the bottom. Once you have done that, click “Ok.” This will make sure all the altered configurations are indeed saved.

Once you have finished all these steps, your printing policies with Citrix should be set-up. You can now use Citrix to mange your computer or network’s printing capabilities.

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