List of common Dell printer error codes

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Dell printers are made to share several common features. Most current printers contain a flat panel display to show printer status as well as indicating possible problems. All Dell printers share a feature that helps to decipher what is causing various problems, to better assist in fixing them.

All Dell printers, like the Dell 1110 toner printer, are created to display error codes, either on the display or on a computer screen. However, the error codes are usually issues which can be quickly resolved with a little knowledge of the causes. Most current printers have software installed that allows maintenance and checking error codes, simply by clicking an icon. Below are several common errors as well as tips on how to remedy each error.

Replace Toner - Dell printers will display an error stating to “replace toner,” in addition to various numbers that signify the color of the ink or Dell toner needing replacing and the general error state of the printer. This error can be cleared by replacing the cartridge that the printer is referring to in the error code.

Paper Jam Tray 1 and Tray 2 error codes - The paper jam error is caused by paper that is physically jammed within the printers various parts. Clearing this code is accomplished by physically opening the printer’s doors and gently removing any paper that is stuck.

Print Head Error - Dell printers will usually trigger a print head error when there is a problem with blockage. This error is not applicable to laser toner printer. Ink is the biggest cause of blockage on the printer’s head, which will trigger this error. A printer’s head needs to stay clean in order for the ink to pass through efficiently, and for more accurate text and images when printing. By going into the printing utilities software on your computer, you can check to see what is causing the print error. Most printers allow head-cleaning by clicking an option within the utility. If the print head isn’t blocked, there is a possibility it will need replacing.

Printing Text in Red - Print heads that aren’t thoroughly cleaned may cause red text to be printed. Removing the cartridge and cleaning the heads may help solve this problem and return the normal colors when printing.

Error code 016-370 - This error message shows on the Dell LCD panel and requires the powering down the printer in order to clear it. After waiting for ten seconds with the printer off, turn it back on and the code should be cleared. If that method isn’t effective the NVRAM may need to be reset on the printer.

Error code 004-332 - This code usually indicates an error condition that requires restarting the printer. Additionally, this code could be cause by toner cartridges that haven’t been positioned correctly in the printer. Removing the toner cartridges and reinserting them will often clear this error code automatically.

Error code: 009-360 - The 009-360 error is an indication that a toner cartridge CRUM communication failure has been detected by the printer. This can be remedied by first powering down the printer and waiting ten seconds before powering it on. Next, power on the printer and see if the message has been cleared.  If the error is still present, replace the toner cartridge.

If your error is not listed above, an excellent resource to find any error code for all Dell printers is the Dell printer support site.  The Dell printer support site provides drivers, manuals and detailed instructions on how to resolve a variety of issues.

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1/5/2012 7:46:07 AM #

dell aio926 keeps saying,remove the tape from the cartridge. there is no tape on the ink cartridge. also a blinking exclamation point next to the start power button,help?

Calvin Yu
Calvin Yu
1/18/2012 11:15:19 AM #

Many times errors stay in memory until you unplug the printer, leave it unplugged for at least 10 seconds and then plug it back in.  Hopefully, this fixes your problem.

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