"Install black cartridges" error on HP LaserJet M1522nf

20. October 2009 20:53 by Calvin Yu in Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

It can be very frustrating to receive an error message from a machine that seems to contradict reality. Being confronted with the "Install Black Cartridge" error message on the HP LaserJet M1522nf has created lots of frustration for many operators.  Fortunately, other HP models like the HP 1320 toner printer don’t experience this issue due to a better design.  Here are some easy tips to address this problem and prevent one's stress levels from reaching the boiling point.

HP LaserJet M1522nfError messages are meant to signal an operator as to the current status of a printer. However, there are some possible problems with every machine that are too rare to warrant the accumulation of an additional error message. When this happens, the manufacturer has usually associated that particular error with an existing error message. Unfortunately, this association of rarer disrupted operational statuses can be confusing to an operator. This is the kind of situation an operator can find themselves in when confronted with the "Install Black Cartridge" error message on the HP LaserJet M1522nf. Avoid frustration and remain calm by simply following these steps.

First, check to see that a toner cartridge is in fact installed. If the black toner cartridge has been removed and the access panel closed then the machine will appear to be in working order despite it being nonoperational. Open the access panel to check that the HP toner cartridge is actually there. If so, close the access panel and turn off the machine for 10 seconds and turn it back on. The machine will cycle through its start up procedures, but if the error message returns continue to the next tip.

Open the toner access panel and remove the cartridge. Check to see if it is indicating that it is empty. If so, replace the toner cartridge and wait for the error message to clear as the machine prepares the new cartridge for printing. If the cartridge was recently replaced and the error message persists, then remove the toner cartridge and verify that it is properly installed by reinstalling it to its fully seated position.

Finally, if the error persists, the HP LaserJet M1522nf has a 250 sheet maximum capacity for its supply tray. While the calculation of this page count has been fully counted by the manufacturer, few operators take the time to count the specific number of pages that are loaded into the supply tray. If one has exceeded the 250 sheet capacity of 16lb paper, or a lesser capacity of thicker paper, then the supply paper can actually be the cause of this error because it is lifting up the laser toner cartridge. Remove the paper and any paper jams, re-seat the toner cartridge, reload less paper and the error should clear.

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