The Latest and Greatest 3D Printing

ust a few weeks ago, International CES wrapped up in Las Vegas. This conference is one of the largest technology-focused conferences in the world and often sets the tone for consumer products. However, it sometimes doesn't capture other trends like 3D printing, especially in medicine or other fields. We wanted to highlight two accomplishments: one involving a 3D printed model of a brain tumor, and the other involving a 3D printed drone. These examples are sure to get you excited about the printing world!


Making Your Job Hunt More Successful

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Three of the most stressful things in life are finding a new house, dealing with the death of a loved one, and looking for a new job. We are wanted to talk about the latter stressor: job hunting. Though the economy has improved considerably over the last couple years, competition for most office jobs remains stiff. So, how can you stand out from the crowd? Try sprucing up that resume and making other changes as you go about your job search. By highlighting some of these tips, we hope potential employers move you to the top of the pile.


Thongs, Potato Salad, and Lionel Richie's Head: 3 Crazy Crowdfunding Stories

24. July 2014 11:29 by Calvin Yu in Arts, Crafts & DIY Projects  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Lately we've been hearing about a lot of projects on GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Kickstarter that seem unreal. Here are our favorites.

Thongs Earned $10,000 in an Hour

I know what you're thinking. But these thongs are actually flipflops. The founders of Willi Footwear developed a special boomerang plug to keep sandals from blowing out. They turned to crowdfunding website Indiegogo to raise the money for the production run, product molds, patent fees, shipping and logistics, and the public didn't let them down. Within an hour they had $10k, and within 24 hours they reached 45% of their $30k goal. They're currently halfway with 29 days left. Ready to order a pair?


3D Printing's Usability Problem

3D printing really is everywhere these days. From medicine to major corporations, including HP, no business sector is opting out of the 3D printing discussion. However, relatively few people are engaging with 3D printing's biggest problem: usability. And we're not just talking price. 3D printing generally requires knowledge of design software in order to create models that the printer recognizes. For most consumers, this kind of knowledge is out of reach, which will limit the industry's ability to expand aggressively in 2014.

We wanted to explore some usability challenges and how a few companies are working to bring 3D printing to everyone, regardless of their tech backgrounds.


The Future of Business Printing with HP Enterprise

HP has long been an innovator in printing, including the recent announcement they would be detailing 3D printing technology in October. While we are excited to see how they enter the 3D printing world, we wanted to focus on their most recent release: the ink-based enterprise printers. These machines are designed for businesses, combining the speed of laser printing but reducing costs by half. We wanted to take some time to explore what makes these new printers special.


Spring Cleaning Your Digital World

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Even if it might not feel like spring outside, today officially marked the start of the season. As we transition to warmer weather, we're also moving into a time when cleaning out clutter becomes a priority. Of course, managing your house or apartment is form of spring cleaning, but a digital spring cleaning might also be necessary! In order to help you out, we wanted to highlight some tools to help leave your online life in tip top shape.


Giving Back During the Holidays

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It's rare that we depart from printer, art, or productivity topics for the blog, but in the spirit of giving this holiday season, we needed to highlight something unique. We often keep up-to-date on the latest technology and business blogs, FastCompany being one of our favorites. The other day we came across a story about a man who posted his home address online, asking for birthday cards to cheer up his sick wife. After receiving so much positive response, the personal experiment spawned a website, which allows the Internet to fulfill small favors you have.


It's Not Too Late to Get Ghoulish For Halloween

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Halloween is only a week away, but it's not too late to get those last minute spooktacular decorations ready. You could go to the store and buy an plastic carved pumpkin lit with LED lights or frightful fake fingers for your candy bowl. But that wouldn't be so fun! Consider making your own decorations instead. It's a great way to add a special homemade touch to one of our favorite holidays and surprise any guests or trick-or-treaters who might be visiting on Halloween night. More...

Troubleshooting Reminders for Printing

Lately we have been writing about printing innovations, but for this latest post we wanted to get down to the nitty gritty by exploring troubleshooting tips for printing at home. We all want to have a printer at the ready for all the random projects that pop up, but what happens when you're in a bind and printed pages aren't coming out right? Maybe things are printing too slowly. Maybe there are lines or weird marks. Maybe nothing will come out at all. Here are some basic tips to help you get back on track. More...

What Can 3D Printing Really Do?

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3D printing has been featured on virtually even major blog and news organization. Even consumer giant Amazon now offers a 3D printing landing page as they are attempting to bring 3D printers into consumer households. At 247inktoner, we've even featured how this technology impacts medical fields. But what other innovative things can 3D printing do? Why do these innovations matter? And what limitations, if any, are there to this technology? More...

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