Solving printer cartridge installation errors with a cold restart of the printer

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You can save a lot of money by switching from OEM ink and toner cartridges to compatible ink and toner cartridges. Thousands of people use compatible ink cartridges without experiencing any problems at all. From time to time, though, error messages can make it appear that a printer isn't going to accept a compatible ink or toner cartridge. If this has happened to you, don't give up. You shouldn't let an error message get between you and saving a lot of money with compatible cartridges. In most cases, simply cold starting the printer is all that's needed. Learn more about doing so below.

Reasons to Cold Start a Printer

When a printer doesn't seem to work with a compatible cartridge, it's usually just because it's temporarily unable to read its chip. If you've always used OEM cartridges and just switched to a compatible cartridge, your printer just may not be ready. It's used to reading the same types of cartridges, and it may initially have trouble reading the chip on the new one. To make this work, you need to cold start the printer, which will wipe all traces of the old cartridges from its memory.

Use the following steps to cold start your printer:

  1. Remove the compatible ink or toner cartridge from the printer. Look at it carefully. Is there any packaging tape on it, or do you see any stickers? If so, remove these items, replace the cartridge and try again. The cartridge has to be totally free of stickers and tape if its chip is going to be read by the printer. With any luck, this will resolve the issue, and your printer will recognize the cartridge.
  2. If your printer continues not to recognize the cartridge, or if you keep getting error messages, remove the cartridge again. This time, put it someplace safe so that it doesn't leak onto anything. You're going to have to cold start the printer to make the cartridge work. Luckily, it's easy to do. To ensure that this works, there can't be any ink cartridges in the printer.
  3. Turn off the printer. You should use the on/off switch on the printer to do this. Most printers have lights that indicate when they are on. Keep an eye on the light when you turn off the printer. Make sure that it goes out. If it doesn't, your printer isn't really off. If your printer has several indicator lights, none of them should be lit. The goal is to make sure that power is totally turned off on your printer.
  4. Unplug the printer from the outlet. If the power cord also unplugs from the printer, you might want to pull that out as well.  Be sure to leave the printer unplugged for a minimum of 10 minutes. This is the twist that is needed to ensure a truly cold start. By completely disconnecting the printer from power, you will force its memory to be reset. All of the information about the OEM ink and toner cartridges that you used to use will be wiped away, which will eliminate the conflicting information that's causing the error messages.
  5. Plug the printer back in and turn it on again. After it starts up, follow the instructions for installing the compatible ink or toner cartridge. Now that the printer has been cold started and its memory has been reset, it should read the cartridge's chip, recognize it and work properly from this point forward.

In the unlikely event that a cold start doesn't work, you should check with the company that sold you the compatible ink or toner cartridge. It might just be a dud, and a replacement should be sent.

Common Kyocera-Mita printer error codes

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Kyocera-Mita Kyocera-Mita printers and copiers are reliable machines, and they work well with our compatible ink and toner cartridges. Kyocera-Mita has installed a self-diagnostic system in most of their printers and copiers to help users and technicians determine what is wrong. When an error is detected, the diagnostic tool automatically runs and generates an error code. While different models use different error code schemes, the following codes are some of the most common.

Errors that begin with the letter C denote mechanical failures. Most of these errors require professional servicing to be corrected, but some may be fixed by users with intermediate mechanical skills. Error codes that begin with the letters E, OP or U are usually operator errors that can be easily solved.

Error Code Error Description
C037 The microcomputer system, engine board or main board is not functioning properly.
Solution: This error code usually means the printer has a serious hardware problem, and parts need to be replaced.
C0420 The paper deck or feed deck motor is not functioning.
Solution: See if the paper tray is fully closed. If so, pull out the tray and replace it.
C0640 The hard drive cannot be accessed by the system.
Solution: Check the hard drive connections. If the drive is connected properly, call a service technician.
C0920 Backup fax data could not be saved.
Solution: Make sure that the memory or the hard drive has enough free space
C10 The exposure lamp is not working properly.
Solution: Ensure that the lamp is connected. Replace the lamp if necessary
C210 The paper conveyer motor is not working.
Solution: Check to see if the paper is visibly jammed. However, most motor errors cannot be fixed by users.
C230 The paper feed motor is not working.
Solution: See C210.
C2500 This is another common paper feed motor error.
Solution: See C210.
C7300 The toner is detected as empty, but the level of toner cannot be determined.
Solution: Pull out the toner cartridge, and reinstall it. If the error continues, try a cold restart by following the potential solution for Installation Error Messages in our printer cartridge troubleshooting guide.  If a cold restart does not resolve the issue try a new cartridge
C7800 The humidity sensor board has malfunctioned.
Solution: If the board is bad, it will be replaced, but it may have been damaged by excessive humidity in the room.
C8140 This error means something is wrong with the main paper tray. It is often a sensor problem, but it could also be a problem with the paper tray motor.
Solution: Pull out the paper tray, and reinsert it properly.
C91 An error is detected in the printer network connection.
Solution: If the printer is connected by a hardline, make sure it is properly inserted into the Ethernet port.
E07 E07 – The paper in the tray is not the same size as the original document.
Solution: Change the paper, or use a different paper tray. Some printers and copiers may also allow you to adjust the magnification.
E70 E70 – The prior job did not finish.
Solution: Cancel the prior job. Also, check to see if a page is a jammed or if the paper tray is empty.
E71 E71 – The originals did not go through the feeder correctly, or they could not be read.
Solution: Reload the originals into the feeder for a second attempt.
E72 E72 – Originals are still in the document feeder.
Solution: Clear jams from the feeder, and make sure that the originals are loaded correctly.
E90 E90 – The job cannot be completed because the memory is full.
Solution: Clear the memory, or split large print jobs into two or more smaller jobs. 
OP1 – OP5 OP1 – OP5 – One or more covers or drawers are open.
Solution: Close the covers and/or drawers before operating the copier.
U00602 A document is jammed.
Solution: Clear the document.  The copier should have a manual clearing system.
U00603 Documents are not feeding correctly.
Solution: Clear any jams. The rollers may also need to be cleaned.
U00614 The paper is nearly empty.
Solution: Refill the paper tray.


The paper is empty.
Solution: Refill the paper tray.

Common Samsung Laser Printer Error Codes

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Samsung When a Samsung printer displays an error code, most will usually be clueless on what it means. Many people lose or discard their manuals, so it may be impossible to locate them. Fortunately, the most common error codes, explanations and solutions can be found here.


If the fuser is not warming up properly, this code appears. Check all printer cables, and make sure there are no points missing.  In addition, if the printer is plugged into a surge protector, try plugging the printer directly into the wall.

Paper Jam

When paper is stuck in or close to the exit rollers, this message appears. The paper may be stuck to another sheet. If this is not the case, check the exit roller sensor. It may be damaged or misaligned. Try realigning the paper or roller sensor. If that does not work, the sensor must be replaced.


If there is a malfunction in the fuser, expect to see a code 50 on the display. It may appear because the fuser is not heating up. Turn the printer off for at least 15 minutes. Switch the power back on, and check the display for an error message. If the message appears again, a faulty fuser assembly or AC power component may be the culprit.

Media Tray Empty

When this message appears with a full paper tray, the printer's drivers may need to be updated. To do this, visit the Samsung site for the most recent update information.


Some print jobs may be too much for one printing run. If this message appears, the print job will overload the machine. Select the continue button, and try reducing the print load. Another option is to add more memory or use a print spooler.

Scanning Error

When this message appears, it always indicates a hardware issue. Try replacing the USB cable. In some cases, cheap cables may not be capable of transmitting the data the scanner needs.


This number indicates low toner levels. Fortunately, this is the easiest problem to solve. First, try taking out the cartridge and gently rocking and it forward and backward. This may help it complete the current print job, but a new cartridge will be needed promptly. For inexpensive and reliable compatible or genuine replacement cartridges, try us.

Toner Light On

If the toner light remains on after replacing a cartridge, a fuse error may be to blame. Try replacing the current component with a 50 mp fuse. The fuse is located on the front side of the cartridge. This error is usually only reported with the Samsung SCX-4216F device.  A cold restart of the printer may also help.

Missing Print

Some pages may come out with data missing. This usually happens because the paper size configuration is incorrect. Check the settings, adjust them if needed and try again.

Block Print

Pages may come out with blocks instead of regular text. This usually happens when trying to print from Internet pages. It happens because the printer does not recognize the page's font. Try re-installing all of the printer's relevant drivers. If this does not work, open the computer's printer folder. Select the device icon and choose properties. Find the advanced option, click on it and choose the print processor. Select a different graphics mode and try again.


Try these troubleshooting tips before calling a repair company or throwing the device away. Some problems may seem big, but they are easy to fix. When replacing cartridges, try our compatible Samsung cartridges which will save you up to 80% compared to genuine Samsung cartridges.

"Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message

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Nothing is more annoying than going to print something and instead getting an error message on your ink or toner cartridge printer. Sometimes, these error messages can be hard to get rid of, especially if you don't know what it means. One of these error messages is about the spooler subsystem app having a problem and it needs to close.

Spooler subsystem close error message

This message will usually appear whenever you go to stop or start your Print Spooler service. It can also happen when you go to click the 'Start' button and click on 'Printers and Faxes.' Then, when you are trying to print, you will get another error message that says the "Operation can't be completed."

One of the problems that might cause these error messages is because third-party services or printer drivers can affect the function of a printer that is newly installed. As an example, if you are adding a new printer but you have a custom print driver already installed in your computer, this can be a cause for the errors.

Below are some steps to try to fix the problem. These steps involve modifying the registry. It is very important that you read and follow directions carefully because changing something incorrectly can cause further problems. If you can, it is best to back up your computer's registry before trying to make any changes. If you happen to make a mistake, you can then restore your registry to before any changes were made.

Step 1: Restart Your Computer In The Safe Mode

  1. When you restart the computer, press the F8 key continuously when it is starting.
  2. Select the 'Safe Mode' option under 'Windows Advanced Options' and press ENTER.

Step 2: Delete The Driver Files And The Spool Printer
When you are in Safe Mode, delete the driver files and the spool printer. To accomplish this, first start the Microsoft Windows Explorer. Next, delete each and every file and folders for the following:

C:\Windows\ System32\ Spool\ Printers

C:\Windows\ System32\ Spool\ Drivers\ w32x86

Step 3: Editing Your Registry
Warning! Keep in mind that serious problems can occur when modifying the registry if it is done incorrectly when using the Registry Editor and any other methods. These problems could lead to the need for the operating system to be reinstalled on your computer. Below is a basic outline for editing your registry. Look up each step in detail before attempting. Once they are done, disconnect the printer from the computer and restart your computer before plugging your printer back in.

  1. Remove Windows NT Sub Keys
  2. Remove the Registry Entries For The Default Print Monitors

Step 4. Reinstall Your Printer
Lastly, you will want to install your printer. Install it according to the manufacturer's instructions. When finished, try to print a test page on your ink or laser toner printer to see if your printer is successfully working.

*Alternate Quick Fix For Most Printers*

  1. Click on 'Start' and then 'Printer and Faxes'
  2. Right click on your printer and select 'Properties'
  3. Click the 'Advanced Tab'
  4. Uncheck the 'Enable Advanced Printing Features'
  5. Click 'OK' and then retry printing a test page

List of common Dell printer error codes

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Dell printers are made to share several common features. Most current printers contain a flat panel display to show printer status as well as indicating possible problems. All Dell printers share a feature that helps to decipher what is causing various problems, to better assist in fixing them.

All Dell printers, like the Dell 1110 toner printer, are created to display error codes, either on the display or on a computer screen. However, the error codes are usually issues which can be quickly resolved with a little knowledge of the causes. Most current printers have software installed that allows maintenance and checking error codes, simply by clicking an icon. Below are several common errors as well as tips on how to remedy each error.

Replace Toner - Dell printers will display an error stating to “replace toner,” in addition to various numbers that signify the color of the ink or Dell toner needing replacing and the general error state of the printer. This error can be cleared by replacing the cartridge that the printer is referring to in the error code.

Paper Jam Tray 1 and Tray 2 error codes - The paper jam error is caused by paper that is physically jammed within the printers various parts. Clearing this code is accomplished by physically opening the printer’s doors and gently removing any paper that is stuck.

Print Head Error - Dell printers will usually trigger a print head error when there is a problem with blockage. This error is not applicable to laser toner printer. Ink is the biggest cause of blockage on the printer’s head, which will trigger this error. A printer’s head needs to stay clean in order for the ink to pass through efficiently, and for more accurate text and images when printing. By going into the printing utilities software on your computer, you can check to see what is causing the print error. Most printers allow head-cleaning by clicking an option within the utility. If the print head isn’t blocked, there is a possibility it will need replacing.

Printing Text in Red - Print heads that aren’t thoroughly cleaned may cause red text to be printed. Removing the cartridge and cleaning the heads may help solve this problem and return the normal colors when printing.

Error code 016-370 - This error message shows on the Dell LCD panel and requires the powering down the printer in order to clear it. After waiting for ten seconds with the printer off, turn it back on and the code should be cleared. If that method isn’t effective the NVRAM may need to be reset on the printer.

Error code 004-332 - This code usually indicates an error condition that requires restarting the printer. Additionally, this code could be cause by toner cartridges that haven’t been positioned correctly in the printer. Removing the toner cartridges and reinserting them will often clear this error code automatically.

Error code: 009-360 - The 009-360 error is an indication that a toner cartridge CRUM communication failure has been detected by the printer. This can be remedied by first powering down the printer and waiting ten seconds before powering it on. Next, power on the printer and see if the message has been cleared.  If the error is still present, replace the toner cartridge.

If your error is not listed above, an excellent resource to find any error code for all Dell printers is the Dell printer support site.  The Dell printer support site provides drivers, manuals and detailed instructions on how to resolve a variety of issues.

"Install black cartridges" error on HP LaserJet M1522nf

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It can be very frustrating to receive an error message from a machine that seems to contradict reality. Being confronted with the "Install Black Cartridge" error message on the HP LaserJet M1522nf has created lots of frustration for many operators.  Fortunately, other HP models like the HP 1320 toner printer don’t experience this issue due to a better design.  Here are some easy tips to address this problem and prevent one's stress levels from reaching the boiling point.

HP LaserJet M1522nfError messages are meant to signal an operator as to the current status of a printer. However, there are some possible problems with every machine that are too rare to warrant the accumulation of an additional error message. When this happens, the manufacturer has usually associated that particular error with an existing error message. Unfortunately, this association of rarer disrupted operational statuses can be confusing to an operator. This is the kind of situation an operator can find themselves in when confronted with the "Install Black Cartridge" error message on the HP LaserJet M1522nf. Avoid frustration and remain calm by simply following these steps.

First, check to see that a toner cartridge is in fact installed. If the black toner cartridge has been removed and the access panel closed then the machine will appear to be in working order despite it being nonoperational. Open the access panel to check that the HP toner cartridge is actually there. If so, close the access panel and turn off the machine for 10 seconds and turn it back on. The machine will cycle through its start up procedures, but if the error message returns continue to the next tip.

Open the toner access panel and remove the cartridge. Check to see if it is indicating that it is empty. If so, replace the toner cartridge and wait for the error message to clear as the machine prepares the new cartridge for printing. If the cartridge was recently replaced and the error message persists, then remove the toner cartridge and verify that it is properly installed by reinstalling it to its fully seated position.

Finally, if the error persists, the HP LaserJet M1522nf has a 250 sheet maximum capacity for its supply tray. While the calculation of this page count has been fully counted by the manufacturer, few operators take the time to count the specific number of pages that are loaded into the supply tray. If one has exceeded the 250 sheet capacity of 16lb paper, or a lesser capacity of thicker paper, then the supply paper can actually be the cause of this error because it is lifting up the laser toner cartridge. Remove the paper and any paper jams, re-seat the toner cartridge, reload less paper and the error should clear.

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