Concept of the Circle Printer

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Overhead view of the circle printer In a technological society that is all about making devices smaller and minimizing space, the printer stands out as one of the bulkiest computer peripherals. The unit takes up a significant amount of space, and paper trays require even more room to deliver printed pages. Designer Yang Jae Wook seeks to change these flaws with the concept of the Circle Printer. The idea is still in its developmental phase, but consumers and printer manufacturers are excited about its potential.

The goal of the Circle Printer is to provide the same functionality of a traditional device while taking up much less desk space. The technology inside the unit is the same as its rectangular counterpart, but everything is flipped vertically. The end design is a tall cylinder featuring an attractive casing that does not crowd a work surface. Yanko Design refers to the concept as a "courteous printer" because of its unobtrusive size and shape.

From the images and blueprints, it looks like there is a narrow compartment on top of the printer for the paper feed. While printing, the page wraps around the cylindrical drum and exits at the side of the printer. One impressive design feature is that there is no need for a paper tray that takes up more desk space. The designer also suggests that the Circle Printer will be quieter with fewer vibrations than traditional models.

Circle printer in the home

At first glance, the circular shape does not resemble a printer at all, but this design is part of the appeal. The Circle Printer combines style with functionality, and the basic mechanics remain the same for simple maintenance and troubleshooting. Reactions to the concept printer vary from complete acceptance to skepticism of the device's viability. Some consumers fear that the pages will come out with curled edges, and others have the impression that frequent paper jams are inevitable.

Overall, computer users are excited about the prospects of the Circle Printer and are eager to see mainstream companies utilize the concept. This device satisfies the desire for compact equipment without requiring complex machinery or technology to operate. Provided the development continues without any major hitches, businesses and consumers can look forward to seeing the Circle Printer on the market for all printing needs.

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