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It seems like there are new developments every day when it comes to printing and printer design! Today we wanted to highlight two new innovations in the printing world. The first, courtesy of Samsung, brings office printers into the 21st century with large, colorful touchscreens and mobile-centric interfaces. The second, courtesy of HP, revolves around securing printers, which have become hotbeds for hackers, especially in business environments. No matter what innovation is taking place, we want to keep you informed and knowledgeable as a potential consumer.


The SMART Future for Samsung Printers

After the big news that Home Depot would start selling 3D printers in certain stories nationwide, we wanted to peruse the Internet for some of the lesser-known developments in the printing world. In our search, we came across news that Office Depot has added the Samsung SMART printers to their product line. For us, these Samsung printers are one of the most exciting examples of continued innovation in the printer industry! We wanted to explore some specifics of this new technology and why you should get in on it.


Near Field Communication Printing

No doubt 2013 has been one of the more exciting years in recent memory for developments in printing technology. With the vast expansion in capabilities of 3D printing and mobile applications, it's now easier and more efficient to print than ever before. However, mobile app technologies have been shown to have many limitations. With a new type of technology, called Near Field Communication (NFC), printing from your mobile phone might get considerably easier. More...

Common Samsung Laser Printer Error Codes

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Samsung When a Samsung printer displays an error code, most will usually be clueless on what it means. Many people lose or discard their manuals, so it may be impossible to locate them. Fortunately, the most common error codes, explanations and solutions can be found here.


If the fuser is not warming up properly, this code appears. Check all printer cables, and make sure there are no points missing.  In addition, if the printer is plugged into a surge protector, try plugging the printer directly into the wall.

Paper Jam

When paper is stuck in or close to the exit rollers, this message appears. The paper may be stuck to another sheet. If this is not the case, check the exit roller sensor. It may be damaged or misaligned. Try realigning the paper or roller sensor. If that does not work, the sensor must be replaced.


If there is a malfunction in the fuser, expect to see a code 50 on the display. It may appear because the fuser is not heating up. Turn the printer off for at least 15 minutes. Switch the power back on, and check the display for an error message. If the message appears again, a faulty fuser assembly or AC power component may be the culprit.

Media Tray Empty

When this message appears with a full paper tray, the printer's drivers may need to be updated. To do this, visit the Samsung site for the most recent update information.


Some print jobs may be too much for one printing run. If this message appears, the print job will overload the machine. Select the continue button, and try reducing the print load. Another option is to add more memory or use a print spooler.

Scanning Error

When this message appears, it always indicates a hardware issue. Try replacing the USB cable. In some cases, cheap cables may not be capable of transmitting the data the scanner needs.


This number indicates low toner levels. Fortunately, this is the easiest problem to solve. First, try taking out the cartridge and gently rocking and it forward and backward. This may help it complete the current print job, but a new cartridge will be needed promptly. For inexpensive and reliable compatible or genuine replacement cartridges, try us.

Toner Light On

If the toner light remains on after replacing a cartridge, a fuse error may be to blame. Try replacing the current component with a 50 mp fuse. The fuse is located on the front side of the cartridge. This error is usually only reported with the Samsung SCX-4216F device.  A cold restart of the printer may also help.

Missing Print

Some pages may come out with data missing. This usually happens because the paper size configuration is incorrect. Check the settings, adjust them if needed and try again.

Block Print

Pages may come out with blocks instead of regular text. This usually happens when trying to print from Internet pages. It happens because the printer does not recognize the page's font. Try re-installing all of the printer's relevant drivers. If this does not work, open the computer's printer folder. Select the device icon and choose properties. Find the advanced option, click on it and choose the print processor. Select a different graphics mode and try again.


Try these troubleshooting tips before calling a repair company or throwing the device away. Some problems may seem big, but they are easy to fix. When replacing cartridges, try our compatible Samsung cartridges which will save you up to 80% compared to genuine Samsung cartridges.

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