Common Oki printer error codes

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OkiWith any Okidata printer, there are certain errors that may occur over time. Some of these issues have quick fixes that the user can perform, but others may require replacing the components or contacting a technical support professional. Below is a list of the most common errors and possible solutions.

Error Code Error Description
001 This is a machine check exception error. It indicates a problem with the printer's hardware or CU board. Restarting the printer should resolve this issue.
051 This means the printer's fan has stopped or is not working properly. Restarting the printer may reset the fan's operation, but it may need replacing.
073 This is a H/W overrun detect error, which means there is a problem with the toner's input area. First, try printing a different job before attempting to print the original job again. The next solution is to switch to a different driver.
080 There is a parameter I/O error. The main controller board and operator panel experienced an interface time-out. There is a problem with either the printer's input or output area. The best solution is to call a professional for assistance.
102 This is a common RAM error that indicates a problem with reading or writing the RAM during start-up. The user may restart the printer while keeping in mind that some data may be lost.
103 There is a problem with the SRAM in the printer's engine. The printer detected an error while reading or writing the static RAM during start-up. Restarting the printer can solve the problem.
123 The humidity sensor either detected abnormal humidity or was not properly connected. Reconnect the humidity sensor and restart the printer. The sensor may also need to be replaced.
124 There is a problem with the temperature sensor. A possible solution is to reconnect the sensor and restart the printer. If the temperature is abnormal, there may be a problem somewhere else in the unit.
131-134 These errors are related to the LED head connectors. They are either not connected properly or are not being detected. Each code corresponds to a different color in the printer. Restarting the printer or reconnecting the components may solve these errors.
140-142 These codes indicate problems with the printer's color drums. The user must reseat the drums and toner by Oki. If the error still occurs, it may be necessary to reseat the sensor spring.
150-153 These errors are associated with the different inks of the printer. They indicate problems with the drum fuses. The user can reconnect the associated part or contact technical support for troubleshooting ideas.
154 There is a problem with the printer's belt. The component may need to be reconnected, repositioned or completely replaced. It is best to restart the printer first to fix the problem.
160-163 There are errors with the various toner sensors. A quick fix is to check the toner lock lever and ensure it is in the correct position before restarting the printer.
181 The printer's duplexer is having problems. This message typically occurs during a paper jam when the user is trying to print on both sides of the page. The best solution is to remove and replace the printer paper before printing the job again.
132 There is a problem with the printer's tray. It may be related to a paper jam, or the printer may be out of paper. Remove the tray to check for paper jams and replenish its supply if necessary.
1870 This message indicates a general problem with the printer's control panel. Restarting the unit may resolve the issue, but the user can contact a professional for troubleshooting steps and walkthroughs.

How to replace the drums in your Okidata printer

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Laser printers use a combination of a drum and a toner cartridge. The cartridge contains the toner, the powdery substance and the drum transfers the toner onto the paper.  In many models, like the Oki C3200 toner printer, these are sold and installed as a single unit. However, this often causes both to be replaced when only one is empty. Okidata printers are designed so that the toner and drum are separate units, allowing them to be individually changed when needed.

In Okidata printers the drum and toner cartridge snap together to form a single unit. When one is empty, the printer will be unable to print. However, only one needs to be replaced. This involves unsnapping the drum from the toner cartridge. Snap together the new one and replace it in the printer. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to replace the drums in Okidata printers.

  1. Power off the printer.
  2. Place a piece of paper near the printer. This is to protect any surface that excess toner might leak on to.
  3. Unlock and remove the drum from the printer. Be careful to watch for excess toner that could spill onto something.
  4. Unlock the toner cartridge from the drum.
  5. Set the toner cartridge on the paper.
  6. Snap a new drum onto the toner, as toner may still be left in the cartridge.
  7. Lock the drum and toner into the printer.
  8. Turn on the printer.

After this, the printer should be ready to print. It should recognize the new drum and remaining Oki toner.  Replacing the drum on an Okidata printer may appear to be a hassle and difficult. However, it is worth learning how to do.  By continuing to use the toner cartridge and only replacing the drum, significant savings can be realized.

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