Epson's Latest Printing Innovation

With all of the talk in our blog about 3D printing, it might seem like standard inkjet printers aren't evolving. But that's not true! Companies, including HP and Epson, are taking advantage of better technology to make your standard printer cheaper and faster while delivering crisper images. We're particularly excited about Epson's new WorkForce printers and wanted to explore why this latest development matters and what it could mean for you when you're looking to buy your next printer.


Your Next Home Office Workhorse: The Epson WP-4020

What if you could have a printer that was relatively light weight but durable enough to handle over 2000 printed black and white pages with a single ink cartridge? Enter the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4020, a 24-pound, high-capacity, high-speed printer that retails for only $149.99. Whether you often find yourself working from home and need to print a lot of documents quickly and efficiently, or just want to get the most bang for buck, you no longer have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a printer that would leave most small offices jealous. More...

How to check your Epson Inkjet printer ink levels

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With an Epson inkjet printer, it is possible to check the ink levels without removing the cartridges. Regardless of whether it is a color or black and white inkjet printer, Epson provides a status monitor that indicates the remaining ink level in each cartridge. In just a few clicks, the status monitor shows whether or not it is time to purchase new cartridges.


EPSON Status Monitor 3 1. Epson StatusMonitor software ships with each Epson printer. Insert the CD into any laptop or desktop computer, and connect the printer using an available USB cord. If the printer did not include a CD, download the software directly from the Epson website.

2. In order to access the StatusMonitor program, open an application that allows printing options. After opening an application such as MS Word or a web browser, locate and click the "File" button at the top of the control bar.

3. Select "Print" or "Page Setup" from the drop-down menu. After the dialog box opens, click the "StatusMonitor" icon. Alternatively, click the "Utility" icon and then the "Epson StatusMonitor" button to reveal the display.

4. With the display open, click the "Update" button. Initially, the display indicates the current ink levels. However, clicking the "Update" button refreshes the display in case it shows inaccurate readings. This display shows the ink level of each cartridge installed in the printer.

Configuring the Automatic Monitoring Function

1. To configure automatic monitoring and ink level warnings, return to the "Print" dialog box, and click the "Utility" button.

2. Next, click the "Configuration" button. A new "Configuration" dialog box opens to reveal a list of settings. Here, it is possible to adjust the frequency of warnings and to set automatic ink level monitoring before printing.

Additional Information

In order to keep an Epson inkjet printer up-to-date, it is best to allow automatic updates for the device. Whenever possible, update the drivers for the specific Epson inkjet model. Having out-of-date drivers may cause unexpected results when printing or using the StatusMonitor software.

What is Epson Connect?

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One great feature that comes with all Epson printers is Epson Connect, the manufacturer's suite of solutions for wireless, network, and remote printing from almost any electronic device imaginable. With Epson Connect, you are no longer limited to printing from your home computer. Epson Connect allows you to print from your cell phones, your tablet computers, and from your desktop computers that aren't even connected to your home network. There's no limit to the type of files you can print using Epson Connect. Printing web pages, photographs, emails, documents, and reports from anywhere on Earth are all possible with this Epson tool.


Epson Connect supports two main methods of remote printing that are not only simple to set up but also ridiculously easy to use. All you need is your electronic device and an Internet connection to take advantage of all Epson Connect has to offer.

With Epson Email Print, you can assign a special email address that is linked to your Epson printer. Simply send the file you want to print to this email address, and your Epson printer will process the job right away. Epson Email Print is great for professionals who are constantly on the go and may not have access to a reliable printer because they are stuck in meetings, on flights, or catering clients. Are you on vacation? Don't risk losing your precious getaway photos by sending them to your Epson printer right away, no matter where you are in the world. Epson Email Print supports smartphones, laptops, and tablets and can print documents and photos alike.

Another way you can take advantage of Epson Connect is by downloading and installing Epson's iPrint App for your mobile phone. With the iPrint application, you can print documents, photos, and websites directly from your phone. If you have files on cloud storage services like Dropbox,, or Google Docs, you can also print those using this unique smartphone app. The iPrint application supports scanning functionality directly from your mobile device via any WiFi network. There's more: Check your printer's ink cartridge levels and nozzles or instruct your printer to clean cartridge heads right from your handheld device.

Epson Connect supports an array of mobile devices including Apple's iOS, Google's Android, and RIM's Blackberry platforms. Any mobile device that is capable of sending an email will work with Epson Email Print, but only Apple iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and Android tablets and phones will be able to download the Epson iPrint app. Epson printers compatible with the iPrint app include the Artisan series, Stylus series, WorkForce series, WorkForce Pro series, and Pro-C series.

Apple and Google users partial to those brands can choose other mobile printing platforms in conjunction with their Epson printers. Users of Apple's iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch can use Apple AirPrint to deliver their documents and photos to their Epson printer. With only a few taps on a screen, Apple users can have their print job sent remotely without the need to set up or install anything. Users of Gmail or Google Docs can similarly have their emails, documents, and slideshows printed to their Epson printer without hassle using Google Cloud Print.   

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