Late Summer Origami Fun

We've officially entered the height of summer! In order to stay indoors and beat the heat, why not try your hand at origami, the Japanese art of paper folding? If the thought of origami makes you cringe, don't worry! We won't be suggesting the pineapple below. Instead, we wanted to provide some basic advice and easy projects to get everyone in the family excited about a craft that goes all the way back to the 17th century and requires only paper (or glue, in some cases).


Thongs, Potato Salad, and Lionel Richie's Head: 3 Crazy Crowdfunding Stories

24. July 2014 11:29 by Calvin Yu in Arts, Crafts & DIY Projects  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Lately we've been hearing about a lot of projects on GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Kickstarter that seem unreal. Here are our favorites.

Thongs Earned $10,000 in an Hour

I know what you're thinking. But these thongs are actually flipflops. The founders of Willi Footwear developed a special boomerang plug to keep sandals from blowing out. They turned to crowdfunding website Indiegogo to raise the money for the production run, product molds, patent fees, shipping and logistics, and the public didn't let them down. Within an hour they had $10k, and within 24 hours they reached 45% of their $30k goal. They're currently halfway with 29 days left. Ready to order a pair?


The SMART Future for Samsung Printers

After the big news that Home Depot would start selling 3D printers in certain stories nationwide, we wanted to peruse the Internet for some of the lesser-known developments in the printing world. In our search, we came across news that Office Depot has added the Samsung SMART printers to their product line. For us, these Samsung printers are one of the most exciting examples of continued innovation in the printer industry! We wanted to explore some specifics of this new technology and why you should get in on it.


The Case For Smart Office Design

When you think of your average office space, smart is probably not the first word that comes to mind. Instead, you probably utter the dreaded word "cubicle," and conjure up the image of a cramped desk space without a window, where you hear the din of a dozen others typing away or fielding customer calls. But an office definitely doesn't have to be like this.

In fact, when you move beyond the cubicle model of office culture, there's actually great potential to improve productivity! Maybe your office won't get a makeover today, but these following suggestions could have a big impact, even if you can adapt them in smaller ways.


DIY Summer Activities for Kids

Now that we’ve made it into July, we’re ready to begin that long stretch of summer when kids get notoriously restless. With all that pent up energy, it’s easy to spend hours on the computer, watching TV, or playing Gameboy. But remember: it’s summer, and now’s the time to get active while the weather is warm. Rather go out and spend a ton of money on the latest high-tech gadgets, there are some fun and interactive DIY summer projects, most of which you can make with simple supplies. Some are even printable!


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