Wikipedia Gets Printed

We all know and love Wikpedia as the one stop shop for random knowledge on the web. From their actual website to their offshoot apps, you can find virtually everything you want to know, and some unexpected things. (Imagine a search for a particular type of wine turning into a 15th century history lesson on an obscure region in France.) But you'd probably not expect to see the information physically printed, right?

Think again! PediaPress, a company specializing in printing customized books from Wikipedia content, wants to print out the entire English language content on the site. We'll delve a little bit more into the project itself, and why PediaPress wants to embark on such an ambitious, print-focused undertaking in this smartphone age.


Get Productive For Springtime

20. February 2014 19:16 by Steve Leigh in Productivity  //  Tags: , , , , , , , ,   //   Comments (0)

As the temperatures are finally beginning to warm up, it means that spring will soon be here for most of us, both in the US and across the world. Rising temperatures means more time spent outside, and more time to get distracted from important work and other professional goals. But don't fret! We've got a new productivity tips, apps and gadgets to keep you focused in springtime (or any other season when distractions are at a maximum).


Snow Day Crafts for All Ages

Okay, maybe your kids aren't actually off for the giant snowstorm today, but as the Northeast gets socked with a foot or more of snow, it's the perfect reminder that winter is far from being over. So, if your kids are around (or will be over the weekend), it's really not too late to get crafty for winter. Here are some new suggestions to make the most of the snowy weather, despite your own frustrations that this winter has gone on for too long.


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