Cozy Up With Winter Crafts

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"Oh, the weather is outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful..." Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we're ready to bust out our favorite sweaters and cozy up next to the radiant heat of a fireplace. We're going to listen to our favorite tunes, make delicious hot beverages, and bust out craft projects to add a festive "Ho Ho Ho," no matter if you're living in upstate Maine or sunny Miami.

We've got a few projects that are easy to make, require relatively easy-to-find ingredients, and will take advantage of some supplies you already have on hand. More...

3D Printers Could Shape Educational Landscape

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Since computers and printers became ubiquitous in the classroom, the relationship between education and technology has been contentious. With the expansion of tablets and 3D printers, the debate rages on as to when technology might impede with students' ability to learn. No matter doubts people may have, Forbes reports one of the largest initiatives to get 3D printers in classrooms that will launch shortly. By teaching children as young as 12 computer imaging and modeling software, one company hopes to inspire a new generation of inventors. More...

Panono: A New Future In Panoramic Photography

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Chances are high you've used the panorama feature on your phone's camera more than once. But have you also been dissatisfied by the image quality? Have you struggled to keep your hand steady enough to get a continuous image? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, you might love the current Indiegogo campaign for Panono. This throwable sphere allows you to take 72 megapixel panoramas without the hassle of traditional camera features. We wanted to take some time to highlight a little bit of the history and what makes Panono so immersive (and fun)! More...

Paper and Ink: Two Innovative Artists Showcase Talents

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Forget elaborate sculptures with pricey materials and traditional painting techniques. Two contemporary artists, Elsa Mora and Fabian Oefner, are showcasing ways of using simple paper and ink to make dazzling, colorful artwork that stands out in a crowded field of new art. Though Elsa blends traditional paper crafts with a sculptural sensibility and Fabian mixes art and science to create inspired photographs, both share a strong visual sensibility and a desire to use traditional materials in unexpected ways. Because of these unique characteristics and shared vision, we wanted to take time to highlight these artists' work. More...

Productivity Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season

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What's special about today? It's the first day of November and the start of a busy holiday season. From parties to vacation planning, there is a lot more for us to manage in our daily lives. Though it's easy to feel a little frazzled or distressed with an endless string of responsibilities, there are specific things that can be done each day to cross off all these tasks from your checklist. Better yet, once your daily tasks are completed, you'll be able to better enjoy what the season is all about-- the joy of your family and friends' company. More...

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