How The Great Picture Happened

Everywhere you look, you see printed billboards, wall art, and other forms of printed media from wide-format printers. But none of these images come close to The Great Picture, which holds the Guinness World record as the largest print photograph composed as one single image. How big is it? Measuring 111 feet wide and 32 feet high, it was created using an airport hangar as a giant pinhole camera. We wanted to delve into the history and construction of this truly remarkable printed image. More...

Back To School Craft Ideas


Across the country, a majority of students are leaving behind their favorite outdoor activities to return to the classroom. Many of them are probably doing so reluctantly, so it's important to find ways to keep them engaged. Crafts are a great opportunity for younger students to explore their creativity and develop fine motor skills. The following ideas provide a starting point to help form early lesson plans. More...

How To Become a Highly-Skilled GTD Widget Cranker

22. August 2013 08:00 by Calvin Yu in Productivity  //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments

GTD practitioners often refer to the act of completing tasks as "cranking widgets." Psychologically, it's gratifying to think of your work as a box full of unfinished widgets that you crank through a machine, toss into the finished pile, and afterwards, go home to enjoy the rest of your day. It’s psychologically gratifying because there’s no thinking involved when it comes to cranking widgets - the thinking part has already been done. You simply crank widgets, fill a box and then go home. The reality though is that the majority of people struggle to get a good grasp on their workload and how to measure their productivity because the work that they are expected to do requires a lot of thinking and doesn't involve the production of a physical widget, so their work product is also something intangible. In this blog post, we'll examine how to take all your complex office work and convert them into a box of un-finished widgets for you to crank. More...

Who Does That Belong To?: Copyright Concerns in 3-D Printing

3-D printing is everywhere these days. Like our recent blog post on the medical applications of 3-D printing points out, new developments in printing have brought us a long way from the inkjet printer. With any new technology, however, comes a slew of unique concerns over what that technology can do. One of the biggest and most recent of these developments is related to copyright laws. More...

Your Next Home Office Workhorse: The Epson WP-4020

What if you could have a printer that was relatively light weight but durable enough to handle over 2000 printed black and white pages with a single ink cartridge? Enter the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4020, a 24-pound, high-capacity, high-speed printer that retails for only $149.99. Whether you often find yourself working from home and need to print a lot of documents quickly and efficiently, or just want to get the most bang for buck, you no longer have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a printer that would leave most small offices jealous. More...

Understanding GTD’s 6 Horizons of Focus

5. August 2013 08:00 by Calvin Yu in Productivity  //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments

Critics of David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD) methodology often complain that his system adopts too much of a horizontal approach to time management; in other words, his system focuses on managing small day-to-day tasks without any sense of higher purpose or direction. While it's true that the horizontal workflow methodology of GTD has really taken most of the center stage in terms of popularity, the truth is that it's only half of the total GTD equation. The other half of GTD is very much a vertical planning system and David Allen even coined the phrase "horizons of focus" to describe this vertical process. Utilizing both horizontal and vertical time management will make your GTD system more productive.  In this blog post, I’ll explain this less-popular, but still critical component of the GTD methodology.

Horizontal Versus Vertical Planning

GTD can be broken into two distinct parts: 1) horizontal planning and 2) vertical planning. Horizontal planning is the more popular part of GTD, which involves collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing and doing next actions. Horizontal planning is focused with handling all those granular tasks and to-dos that make up our day-to-day lives. More...

Keeping Your Printers In Working Order

When was the last time you ran tests to make sure your printer was in good working order? If you said spring, it's probably because we wrote about the necessity of spring cleaning. If you have cleaned your printer since then, great! If not, now is the time to make sure your printer is in good working order, particularly if you use it only occasionally. The longer you wait to clean your printer, the more likely it is to require maintenance you cannot perform at home. More...

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