Choosing the correct Inkjet printer

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Inkjet printers have improved tremendously over the last 10 years. The versatility of some inkjet printers can make nice travel companions; others are suitable for photo printing and multitasking. Generally, printer manufacturers offer general purpose inkjet printers and those most appropriate for printing photographs.

Compared to laser printers, most inkjet printers have a slower processing time. This makes inkjets more suitable for small business owners, personal use and home offices. The price for inkjet printers can range between $100 and $800. The actual price will depend on things such as features, image quality and brand (i.e. HP ink versus the less popular Dell ink printers).

Today’s technology gadgets – like inkjet printers – come with so many buttons and menu options that making the right selection can become a daunting task. Printers come in many different sizes and shapes from just as many manufacturers. Determining your printer needs before making a purchase can help to narrow the choices.  Here are a few suggestions to consider before making an investment in an inkjet printer. You want to find the correct printer that is appropriate for your needs.  We describe the type of inkjet printer based on the type of user, however when choosing between a multiple cartridge inkjet printer there are other concerns.

A Novel Idea
Have you decided to write the next great novel? A laser printer can churn out pages at a fast speed. However, more economical choice is a general purpose inkjet printer. This type can work just as well and you also have the flexibility to print pages in color, if necessary. If you are willing to spend a little extra, you can purchase a decent model that is fast and uses less ink.

For the Home Office
Having a home office can put heavy demands on a printer. Besides print jobs, you may need to send or receive faxes or scan legal documents. A versatile and affordable selection is a small home office color inkjet printer. Most home office printers cost between $50 and $150, depending on the features needed.

Ink-Jet Setter
If you travel for business and want to have direct access to a printer, you can carry your office in a notebook bag. You can purchase a portable inkjet printer that comes in a convenient travel size. Most weigh up to five pounds and include a battery charger as an option or standard feature.

Picture Perfect
Any inkjet printer model can print color photographs, but you may want to invest more than $100 for high quality photos. To achieve professional photo finishing quality, you may want to purchase an inkjet printer that can reproduce a vibrant range of pictures.

Paper Path
The path of the paper determines what media the printer will support.  Therefore, it is equally important for you to understand the different options and choose accordingly.  Learn more about printer paper paths.

Review the characteristics of at least three different inkjet printers. Look at the types of paper each printer supports and color management tools to determine which is suitable for your needs. In most cases, a letter-size inkjet printer can appropriately support routine tasks.  Generally, inkjet printers are the least expensive on the market. They can handle a wide range of tasks. For some people, a downside is the cost of consumables, i.e. ink cartridges and specialty paper. Ink cartridges can cost as little as $12 each, or as much as $60 per cartridge.  Your money and time are valuable commodities, so make the choice wisely.

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