Figuring out the right photo printer for you

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Purchasing a quality photo printer may seem overwhelming. Finding a good photo printer is possible if you know what you need. Selecting the right printer is easier with knowledge of which features are necessary for good home printing.

Type of Printer:
Home photo printers should be able to print items that are not photos. A photo printer that is not dual functioned is useful for some, but the average person will be able to use a printer with more than one function. The most popular type of photo printers are inkjet and thermal dye printers. Thermal dye printers are a excellent option because picture quality is superior and water resistant. Inkjet ink cartridge printers produce a higher quality photo than a laser photo printer. Decide which type of printer will suit your individual needs before purchasing.

Quality of Resolution:
Higher resolution photo printers produce the best pictures with the highest cost. The higher the resolution the more costly the printer. Printing quality home photos can be accomplished with a lower resolution printer that does not cost a fortune. Average resolution photo printers work exceedingly well for home photos. Professionals will often utilize the highest resolution printers but they are not required for the home user.

Speed Of Printing:
Speed of a photo printer dictates price. The faster a photo prints the more expensive the printer is going to cost. The vast majority of photo printers offer the same quality with varying print speeds. Choosing a printer that is slower will offer good quality pictures with less expense. Speed may seem like a useful feature however, the average home user does not print enough to warrant the extra expense.

Ink and Paper Costs:
Expensive printers equal expensive ink and photo paper. However, choosing compatible ink or paper will give you equivalent print quality at a fraction of the price. Research ink and photo paper costs before purchasing a printer and calculate the cost on a per-page basis (cost of cartridge divided by page yield of cartridge). High cost ink and paper will significantly drive up usage expenses over time. Good quality printers are available with reasonable ink and paper costs.  HP ink is traditionally the most expensive, but compatible ink is widely available making it some of the most affordable versus the competition.

Deciding which feature are needed are the best way to purchase a photo printer. Different home users will require different features with their photo printer. Know what you need and do diligent research before purchasing any printer. Proper research will provide the photo printer buyer, the ability to purchase a quality inexpensive printer that is just right for them.

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