How to clear your printer memory

27. June 2010 12:24 by Calvin Yu in Troubleshooting and Printer Tips  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

If you have a printer, like the HP CP2025 toner printer, that is giving strange error messages or not working correctly, it could be time to clear your printer memory. Keeping your printer maintained will result in your printer working better and lasting a lot longer. In many cases, it is necessary to reset the memory to get it working again.

HP CP2025 printer memoryMany times, just merely turning the power on an off on the printer is not enough to get your problems solved. Most people think that just removing or reinstalling the toner will work, but in some situations more is needed. When you turn off the printer, there is still electricity that is going to it through the cord connected to the wall outlet. Because of this, the printer can not fully reset its memory. Just turning off the power will have little to no impact on fixing your printer.

The best way to reset a printer is by turning it off and then unplugging it from the wall's outlet or from the back of your printer. You must keep it unplugged for at least 3-5 minutes so that there will be no residual energy left in the printer. This ensures that the printer will have to completely reboot itself.

Following this procedure is best when changing toner cartridges as well. Many printers will not recognize a new toner cartridge until there is no power going to the printer before it is turned back on. Always remove the printer's power source before changing the toner for it to work properly when the printer is turned back on.

This simple procedure might seem too good to be true, but resetting and clearing your printer's memory can help solve and eliminate many annoying error messages. Also, it is great for helping your printer to recognize a new cartridge that has been installed.

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