Why you should perform a HP fax test

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HPIf you have recently set up an HP fax machine, you should make sure to perform a fax test. This should be done to make sure the fax machine is actually operating properly and has the ability to send and receive faxes. If you do not perform a fax test, your fax machine may fail to operate when you do need it to communicate with clients or business partners.

In the past, testing a fax machine was a very elaborate, time consuming, and frustrating process. Thankfully, manufacturers have since introduced ways to test fax machines quickly and efficiently using fax test programs.  Running the test is relatively easy and completing the test should only take about ten minutes. Once it’s finished, a person can rest assured that their fax machine will work properly when needed.

  1. Make sure the machine has power.
  2. Make sure paper is in the paper tray.
  3. Switch the machine on.
  4. For the this step, a fax cover sheet must be filled out. This should include writing both the sender’s name as well as the fax number of the fax machine into the open spaces for this information on the cover sheet’s sender column.  In the recipient area, you should write “HP fax test.” This will let the recipient know you are sending a fax test. The fax will be sent to a certain number that Hewlett-Packard set aside to allow new fax machine owners to test their machines. The number the fax should be sent to is 1-888-473-2963.  There will be a space that asks for this number on the cover sheet.  There will also be another space that asks for the number of pages, write “2” in this space.
  5. Once you have finished the cover sheet, you need to place it inside your machine. Whether it should be placed face down or face up depends on the model of your HP fax machine. If you’re not sure, look over the instructions or manual that came with the machine. Along with the cover letter, include one blank piece of paper.
  6. Now, you send the fax. To send the fax, type in the HP fax test number and press the send button. The send button will sometimes be labeled “Start” depending on your model.
  7. You now have to wait for a fax back from the HP fax test number. This process will not be instantaneous. However, it should only take between five to eight minutes to get a response. When the fax test number is reached by your fax, HP will produce a return fax to let you know that your fax machine is operating properly. 

If you do not receive a return fax after 12 minutes, you should attempt to send a second fax. If the second fax does not work, you will need to troubleshoot what is causing your connection problems which is typically the telephone line.  If you have connected the fax machine to a voice over IP line (VOIP), this may be the cause.  Fax machines typically do not work well over VOIP lines.

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